28 ott 2010

Can a HR manager limit his/her job to just enforcing company rules in recruitment?

(This post is a continuation of a previous)

I suggest managers to consider that is not honest to filter workers based on employment state, those days this one is a feature not always belonging to the person!

Then are we sure that all we have to do is just to apply rules that somebody else has done in other moments and other economical periods?

Are we sure that our skills are just to look that the candidate's features fit into our rules?

Isn't that a realy flat job for a specialist in HR (H means Human!!!).

Are we sure that we are able to understand Humans and to take into account the other side of the problem, their side?

How can a person that had troubles help my company to improve reactivity, adaptation and other skills that in my company are maybe low?

Sorry but I firmly believe that academic discussions help you to continue your job day after day and to preserve you from discussing within yourself about what you do and what you think!

Rules preserve peoples from using their mind.

You cannot go against rules in your company? You can try to change rules or better to improve rules fitting into rules new situations not belonging to the past!

If your company doesn't fit the present and the future in their rules, your company can be the next to produce unemployed peoples. What about you then?

Think back a way to fit all those: Honesty - never forgetting that the first level value for a mother is to feed her kids and, I guess, your first level too! - unemployed peoples, your company wealth, ethics of your company toward society before your company requires it from society (never forget: before you give, then you receive!), your boss, your skills, your mediation skills and your inner world that you have never to give away or up!

Be the best advisor for your company from inside too!

Rules permit you not to be engaged too much in your job. Does engagement be a value in your company and a "must" for peoples your company hires?

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