27 ott 2010

Can unemployed worker lie just about his/her unemployed state to get a job?

The question
I have read a lot of comment blaming the behavior of a women unemployed for six months with three kids, having good references from previous managers, who, to compete in the struggle for a job, lied about her unemployment state; being currently employed was a requirement from the new employer and many HR manager participating in the blog were offended by the behavior of this lady so I decided to explain my opinion, that is:

My opinion
I guess that, as many of you work as HRs in the same country and need to maintain your reputation as much conventional as possible, none of you dare to affirm that being in the opposite side of the question - i mean having three kids to feed and being unemployed - you would lie for sure being unemployed. The problem is not about lies. The problem of this long question is that you need to present yourself as incorruptible man/woman.

I suggest you to go read once again Oliver Twist or other novels from XIX century that your heart has maybe forgotten.

Initiative is a Crime
More: what is initiative here (if you have sales man in your company I guess that they maybe lie to enter into a prospected company and you will never think to set out them from your company by the cause of that!) is miss portrayed with the lie of pretended honesty. Working is a right and, in those days, filtering peoples depending on employment status is a Crime Vs Human beings. Some of you are judging peoples that belongs to another planet. How afar is that discrimination from those in the past, when black peoples were judged not worth of being considered human beings? The step is not so afar in between!

I blame all amongst you that put the question afar from the right to get a job into the blame for lying!

Then, how many companies lie about their position in the market, lie about the job, use recruiting for stealing infos from competitors and so on? What about that? who is the worst?

So, do not act as angels, when we are not!

You maybe need more work for checking those unemployed, but your mission is to increase the general heath and wealth also, I guess.

Finally if you do not take any risk in your job what are you worth of? just to rasp tons of papers? I suggest your boss to review your earnings to level down to the risk you are able to take. No risk, no money: that is a market rule to day!

My Seat is comfortable
I would emphasize some more things to those amongst us that pretend to say: "I make what my employer asks me: if he asks me to hire only people who are still employed, I will!".

You say: "I'm a serious HR manager", OK I can accept this!

You are a manager and you have responsibilities toward your employer. That is OK: is your job, they pay you for that.

Your boss asks you to filter new workers just amongst employed peoples. OK you can say yes, that is a natural immediate answer!

If your boss is asking you something that is not correct, I suppose you maybe suggest him a better solution to avoid possible mistakes or damages or higher costs or less efficiency.

If you can save money having better results you have to say to your boss!

If your company will accept unemployed peoples, with good references your company maybe can save good money. You have to tell your company!
If you are here, discussing those topics, you know all those very well!
You know that there are plenty of good peoples unemployed, worth of a salary: skilled peoples, very committed, mostly after a period of unemployment.

Good earnings means responsability
Now, if you still think to deserve a good salary, you have to take into account this new opinion about unemployed peoples and to reshape your boss's opinion too!
If you think to make your best for your company you have to make it you can choose either to obey your boss or to present him a better solution. Yet you have to make the best you can!

If you do not do so, you will fail in one of your most important duties: to act as the best advisor for your employer as you can!

If you know that you can propose him good workers amongst unemployed peoples, you have to tell him and to persuade him he was wrong!
Think about! Ask yourself if you are permitted to carry on you job day after day in a flat manner! Sooner o later someone will replace you!

Try not to be Pontius Pilate!

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